Respect sold it, commodified via an allowance.

it is investable in tenderloin, tender loin

value in the it prostitutes tribe.

Member outside of the record, the poem

digestion. Vestigial.

In with aggressive,

in through this, via the Vegas,

on horse altered pursuit.

It is economic, it is personalities.

Neutral hoarse movements, via that means,


Ability is resolved, accepting fractured language.

Enter onslaught of participants for the means rely on this manifest.

This structure of prostitutes race and message nature,

yet movements.

The operation lands like a part’s behavior

lost from the religious and historical manifest’s belief.

Record our local personalities, tradition is their marketing

and the historical exist in the juxtaposition exploration.

And I (and I to record condition) in this whores belief implicit,

allow malleability as tarot

an alter lost on marketing narrator.

The record via a bible,

the interpretation a lost multidimensional

the structures pattern, I re-lie.

Tenacity lands movements, biblical destiny.

This is respect for and marketing against interpretation.

Record inherent datarecord.

Repulsion is this shade,

the culture a vestige.

Result is the scale of the interviewing

neutral against the repackaged,

the implicit land

is this trojan.

Yet culture.

As is. Is as.