Language functions as a facilitator of interaction, an exchange lubricator. Origins and intersections establish communication behaviors in service of opportunity. The intial touchpoints of trade are voids that language serves. New markets and market efficiencies require meaning to be established in a perpetual repricing of any objective construction through new subjectivities. These subjectivities ripple in their alliances and feuds, fiefdoms are created, dark pools emerge where liquidity is controlled to extend political influence into the larger simulation where counter pools, parallel movements, groundswells, general directions, static behaviors, ripple effects, countereffects and whirlpools emerge.

The simulacra is gripped in mania, denying the abject reality, it reflects immortality through mastery, shining potentials, Ur-values that reside in and above all. Myth carriers, prophesiers, constructors, and deniers fundamentally ally on the exchange, metastatizing transfer, virally encoding the narrative of transfer for the sake of posterity. The mutual debt is a mortal contract. The heave and sway of our manifest relocates origination in the service of the simulations prevailing logic. Both parties feel as if they got the better value and the simulation approaches a stable form even as it folds the unstable, the strange object into its interpretation. The compact serves the mortal functions.

Rutting, rooting, and rotting our way through the fetid cacaphony of this infinite sequence of simulacra builds our own diagrammatic construction. Our bodies map, self-deceptions justify, and comprehension twists into retrospective pattern. Our retrodictable selves have currency, our intimate past is narrative construction. All apologies are on record, the semblance is coherent, in recollection singularity is codified, internal logic emerges as justification. Like a song played backwards, historical perspective offers the hidden meanings that prove our best and worst intentions. The interpretation subsumes the past to manifest its own moment. The interpretation feeds into the simulacra whose dynamics (political, social, economic, ad infinitum) assetize and append the swirl, self-organizing into rhizomatic constructions and realigning each markets associated attributes via production and counterproduction.

The trade is made.