1. Never get caught.
  2. Pick an isolated location.
  3. Wait for the right one.
  4. Use eye contact to connect.
  5. Signal and wait for its return.
  6. Protect yourself.
  7. Stop for outsiders.
  8. Be on lookout.
  9. Don’t give away your identity.
  10. Make sure you are not followed.

MSM- Hugholes

After the election of 2008 and Prop 8 was passed, I started on a body of work related to the danger of male-male intimacy to normative sexual politics.  While furtive encounters among hetero-identified men, who were “just looking for some head” were marked in the public landscape through glory holes, crusing spots and Craigslist MSM ads, it seemed that what is truly dangerous between men is gentle affection.

Hugholes was conceived as an intervention in public sex spaces where shoulder and head height openings could be drilled into the partition, allowing men who were looking for intimate encounters to practice truly transgressive acts of hugging and kissing within the anonymity of a tea room.



Christo Allegra – MSM – Hugholes – 2009