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Money, Death, War.


Day Without ________

Death by AIDS from 1983 to 2003. We are without so many.

Light traces

Faces in the Rain: Two

We Will Always Have WTC — 1-3

Secular Performers

Energy Stocks – 12 Years – CUX, SLB, COP, OXY, EOG, APC, HAL


Natural Logarithm — Energy Stocks

Energy Stocks 2003-2014

XOM – Exxon Mobil Corporation CVX – Chevron SLB – Schlumberger Limited COP – ConocoPhillips OXY – Occidental Petroleum Corporation

Chernoff + Phi Face

Chernoff faces have always fascinated me as one of the fringe visualization techniques. The recognition of feelings expressed through a facial structure activates a personal response to the information….

The Art of Arrangement

Still Life with Data

I’ve been interested in how representational forms are encoded with information.  Symbolism is built from structured meta meanings that are deployed through representation.  Historically, we have coded math,…

Drawing Figures

Where is the Art?

Digital surveillance art is a popular motif in new media art practice.  Is it a Snowden aftershock? Is it a change in our disposition towards big data? Is this…